Services we offer

Back and Neck Pain

Physical therapy for back and neck pain reduces pain and stiffness, restores mobility, and strengthens muscles.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be a sign of tendonitis or frozen shoulder. Physical therapy improves your mobility and comfort with manual techniques and exercises.

Hip and Knee Pain

Physical therapy for hip and knee pain can restore your range of motion, decrease your pain, and improve your quality of life.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain are common complaints of active people, and can be treated with physical therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling or improve mobility.

Hand, Wrist and Elbow Pain

Hand, wrist, or elbow pain can keep you from going to work or staying active. Physical therapy can restore your range of motion and relieve your pain.

Post-Operative Physical Rehabilitation

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or a serious injury, physical therapy restores your body’s range of motion, strength, and stability.


Vertigo can turn your whole world upside down. Physical therapy can restore your balance, eliminate dizziness, and return you to your unimpaired abilities in life.


From tension-type headaches to migraines, physical therapy can alleviate headaches caused by muscle tension, concussions, injuries, or a variety of other factors.


Physical therapy for whiplash can alleviate problems such as neck pain and stiffness, fatigue, or dizziness, and restore your body’s functionality.


TMJ is a condition that limits the normal function of the jaw. TMJ therapy can ease your pain and help you regain normal movement.

Balance Loss

Whether you’re walking or standing, losing your balance can affect the way you live your life. Physical therapy reduces your risk of falling and improves your balance.

Strength Loss

Here at Bayside Physical Therapy, we guide patients down the road to recovery with physical therapy and strength recovery treatments.

Your Road to Recovery Starts with Us

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