Physical Therapy is a medical health profession that helps people recover from bodily ailments. The ailments that can be addressed and helped by physical therapy treatment include a wide array of issues, including back pain, accidents, injuries, chronic pain, sprains, strains, overuse, underuse, weakness, post-operative problems, loss of abilities related to illness or neurological problem (such as a stroke), dizziness, headaches, balance loss, difficulty walking, and even unexplained pain.

At Bayside our approach to physical therapy is to assist in recovery. This generally starts with pain relief, then progresses to the restoration of motion, strength, daily function, and ultimately skilled activities.

The specifics of physical therapy treatment strategies vary greatly from case to case, since each patient is evaluated to determine the precisely correct approach to speed recovery from the problem.

Treatments from Bayside usually include manual therapy (the physical therapist moves the body parts to treat the soft tissues, muscles, layers of connective tissue, and joints while the patient relaxes). Treatments also generally include movements and exercises the patients can do to help improve their situation.

Sometimes other interventions are utilized, such as mechanical traction, heat or cold, electrical stimulation, kinesiotape, or even external bracing. Home exercise programs, customized for each patient, include unique exercises and strategies for improved functioning between physical therapy appointments.

Many people suffer unnecessarily from body ailments that can be resolved with physical therapy.

If you or someone you know suffer from a body problem, whether it is a new occurrence or a recurrent problem, call (727)441-5044 today to request a prompt physical therapy appointment at Bayside Physical Therapy.

Let the healing begin!

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